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6 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Aside from our own birthday, we eagerly await the birthday of all our loved ones too in order to shower them with love and provide them with a day to remember! This includes our best friends, who have been by our side through thick and thin.

Being able to express all your love and appreciate their existence as a whole is an important part of it all. Coming up with the best gift every year for them can become challenging sometimes. Therefore, keeping a list by your side on the other hand is a smart way to go. So, in this article we have put together a bunch of thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your bestie’s face.

Customized Jewel Pieces

When it comes to gifting your best friend a piece of jewellery, the options in hand are endless. From friendship necklaces to customized bracelets and pendants, you can make your pick. You can even decide on what it is the custom message needs to be, for example her initials or even her birthstone.

Artistic Portraits

If your friend is one for artwork, then a beautiful portrait or painting is a thoughtful way to go. Especially if she uses them to enhance her interior décor. Whether it is a single piece or a collage of artwork, you can never go wrong in getting the best reaction by gifting her something she’s passionate about.

Custom Made Magnets

Everyone has a magnet collection, be it small or big. Some have it as souvenirs while other collect it is a passion or receive it as a gift. Magnets make for a cute gift. You can even get your hands on these personalised birthday badges to make their day extra special and celebrate the moment.

Tea/Coffee Assortments

While some of us a tea people the others are coffee. So, depending on what your bestie prefers, you can put together an aesthetic collection of tea or coffee assortments filled with a variety of flavours. This is sure to make their morning tea or coffee extra interesting. Often tea flavours come with pretty dried florals which make them eye-catching too!

Personalized Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a must in every space, however a personalized throw pillow ensures your bestie has a part of you close to her no matter the distance. Whether it is on with a simple saying or a portrait of you’ll in the infamous sequins, it’ll never fail to put a smile on her face.

Choose preserved blooms and flowers for a floral look

One of the best things that you can buy for your cake decorations is preserved flowers and blooms. You might be baking something that adheres to a floral theme or a floral concept and this needs to be portrayed on the outside in a successful way. 

Pampering Spa Hamper

No girl doesn’t love a good pampering session readily available at home. Putting together a hamper with all the great spa related items such as bath salts, bath bombs, lotions, scented candles, etc. is sure to get your bestie feeling on top of the moon. Whether it’s school stress, work stress or any other, gifting her the chance to take some time for herself is going to be much appreciated.

Let us know if these ideas were helpful!

Donte Sutton
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