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Chiropractor or Osteopath: Whom to Choose?

Body pains and aches are a normal part of everyday life. It is caused by different factors – form stress, fatigue, incorrect posture, and many more. Suffering from chronic pain in your body requires the help of a health professional. They will find the root cause of your body pain and look for the right solution for long term relief.

If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic body pain, do you need to go to a chiropractor or an osteopath? Both chiropractors and osteopaths both deal with patients suffering from body pains. However, these two are greatly different from each other. Read along to learn more about the different between chiropractors and osteopaths to help you choose the right medical professional to visit.


A chiropractor is a medical practitioner that uses manual therapy in normalizing joint function. For them, the structure of the spine is the most important since it greatly affects how the neurological and musculoskeletal systems function properly. Chiropractors align the spine and other related parts to enable the body to heal itself and achieve proper functioning.


On the other hand, osteopaths focus on how the whole body works together to achieve a harmonious functioning. It uses manipulation and massage of the muscles, joints, and bones to treat medical disorders and with lesser use of surgery and medicine to achieve healthy functioning of the body.

Similarities of an Osteopath and Chiropractor

Both osteopaths and chiropractors value spinal health and how it influences the overall health of a person. Both practitioners use techniques that help achieve the body’s optimum condition – from an improved blood flow to a healthier nervous system. People usually visit a chiropractor or an osteopath to help treat body pain and ailments but they could actually treat more of the underlying issues that cause those illnesses.

Differences of an Osteopath and Chiropractor

Although they share the same goals, there is a huge difference between osteopathy and chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors are more focused on treating muscle and joint pains by manipulating and adjusting the alignment of the spine or vertebrae. They could also help treat condition that are related to the nervous system, such as a pinched nerve and other problems.

On the other hand, osteopaths not only focus on the spine alignment but also incorporates muscle and soft tissue manipulation in their treatment approach. They treat the body as a whole and is focused on how each system is working together with others to achieve proper functioning of the body.

Chiropractic treatment is relatively short and you just need to undergo a session for certain adjustments in your body. Osteopathic treatment requires a longer time and your therapist will study your medical history as well to get an overall picture of your current health problem. Knowing the similarities and differences between a chiropractor and an osteopath can greatly help if you’re confused whom you need for your health condition. Assess what you’re feeling first to know whether you need an osteopath or a chiropractor.

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