What to Know About Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, there are a few decisions you need to make regarding the type of sink you purchase. There are different styles of kitchen sinks but in this article, we are focusing on undermount sinks and their benefits.

An undermount kitchen sink is installed below the countertop as the name implies. The lip of the sink is below the counter as opposed to the commonly seen sink that is installed on top of the counter. Generally, this sink is recommended for materials like marble, concrete, granite and soapstone. So the countertop has to be solid. If you have a counter made of ceramic tiles or laminate, you will not be able to install an undermount sink as it will not have sufficient support. If you are wondering “how much for undermount kitchen sinks in Melbourne?”, they are generally more expensive than the drop in sinks. And you have to be careful about the sink counter material as well because it has to be weight bearing. But the reason that people prefer to install undermount sinks is that you can easily carry out countertop cleaning. You can simply wipe the food scraps and
spills into the sink as the countertop will form the edge of the sink. This will be difficult to do with a drop in sink as there will be a raised lip along the perimeter. There are also undermount sinks that come with a built in drain board if you want more space to keep items. You need to have a professional install the undermount sink so that it is sealed properly. There will
be an epoxy adhesive to attach the sink to the underside of the counter and silicone caulking will be used to seal the perimeter of the sink. There can be condensation building up under the counter which can cause mould to grow. The kitchen tap has to be attached to the wall or installed onto the countertop.

In a drop down sink, you have the option of installing it onto the sink itself. Undermount sinks are great for aesthetics as well because you will see it as part of the counter. Nothing will disturb the surface of the counter so there is a sense of seamlessness. You can add to this aesthetic by having the tap installed onto the wall. This will create a modern look.
However, you need to understand that leakage is a real issue that may occur with undermount sinks if they are not installed by a professional. When hiring a contractor to fix the sink, ask whether they have sufficient experience with fixing these sinks so that you know they will take the necessary precautions. You can also use clips, straps, screws etc. in addition to the epoxy adhesive to ensure that the sink is firmly secured. It will take about an hour for the entire installation process. You will
never be out of current trends with an undermount sink as they are a timeless addition to the kitchen.

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