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Factors To Look for When Shopping for An Ovulation Test Strip Kit

When you are trying to get pregnant, chances are you would try no matter what to conceive as soon as possible. You’d follow every advice, even those that do not have any scientific or medical evidences. Chances are your OB Gynaecologist or your sister or other female family member or friends have already told you the wonder that is an ovulation test strip kit and how it is an economical and effective way to find out your fertile window which could tell you when it is most likely for you to conceive, thanks to the kit’s thorough reading of your LH level.

When you go shopping for an ovulation test strip kit, consider the following factors before deciding.

The kit’s sensitivity

Not all ovulation tests are created equal, but they are all designed and built to determine the LH level or luteinizing hormone in the urine. This hormone is what signifies that you are ovulating. When you are ovulating, there is a significant surge of LH in your body and if the ovulation test kit that you bought is sensitive enough to detect even the least amount of LH in your urine, then you have bought a good kit. When you are looking for which ovulation test strip you should purchase, do your research and find one that is sensitive enough to detect lower levels of LH, try Fertility2Family ovulation test which is known for its sensitivity.

The kit’s brand

Going for well-known brand could ensure the ovulation test strips reliability since the brand will not be known if they are not a good enough brand. The only downside though is the price. Since the brand is already reputed, the price for their products could be more than what you are willing to pay for. However, if you truly want to get accurate results with regards to your ovulation, you should consider the price and the brand of the kit that you would be using to know when you are ovulating.

The kit’s ease of use

Ovulation tests that are more affordable are simpler to use. All it takes is for you to dip the strip in a urine sample that you have collected in a container. The stick will then change its colour if it detected a high level of LH in your urine.

There are other kits available that you use like that of a pregnancy test where you directly urinate in them rather than collecting your urine in a cup. These types of kits are also easier and simpler to understand. If your LH level is high, a smiley face will be visible in the display.

For a pricier option, you could opt for ovulation test kits that even connect to an app on your phone to keep a monthly record and comparison charts to help you monitor and track your fertility.If getting pregnant as soon as possible is your goal, ovulation test kits are worth having in your bathroom if you truly want to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.

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