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What Makes an Eco-Friendly Hair Salon?

Sustainability is a concept that many businesses are adopting and it has been embraced by the beauty industry as well. When it comes to hair care, you can actually find salons that practise sustainability. There are many techniques that they use to be more eco-friendly.

Many sustainable salons are very careful about the products they use. There is a lot of plastic in the oceans as a result of product packaging. This is not just limited to personal care. However, an environmentally sustainable hairdressing salon will prioritise recycling so that plastic doesn’t end up in landfills and water bodies. This plastic can have harmful effects on animal life and it can wreak havoc on ecosystems. Also, these salons will give more priority to products that are packaged in materials like glass or metal. Many clients tend to buy products from hair salons as well so this will ensure that customers also get more access to sustainably packaged products. In addition to packaging, you have to think about the ingredients of the products. There are ingredients that are derived from animals in unethical ways. It can cause a disruption in the balance of nature.

There are many cruelty free hair products that are produced by sustainable brands. You can select products that are not tested on animals to ensure that the salon or hair care company is not putting money towards these unethical practices. They can also let their customers know of the decision to select cruelty free products which give the customer a choice on what they want to do when it comes to personal care items. There are many energy saving practices utilised by eco-friendly salons. These are methods that save electricity and water. For example, it includes the use of smart lighting, faucets that save water, regular inspections of pipelines and electrical equipment etc. There are some salons that use water recycling systems and solar energy for electricity. There are also products such as hair brushes that are selected for their eco-friendliness. One such example is bamboo brushes. They can be disposed of without hurting the environment.

Keratin treatments are very popular when it comes to salons. But eco-friendly salons prioritise the use of formaldehyde free keratin treatments. While many companies state that they are formaldehyde-free, lab testing has shown that the claims haven’t lived up to proof. There is vigorous and thorough research into products that are used in all services of the salon to ensure the safety and health of the customers. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and the emission of formaldehyde in factories contributes to air pollution. It is not just products and practices that eco-friendly salons focus on. Sustainability is a concept that can be followed in all aspects of the salon. And this also includes the décor of the salon. There is eco-friendly décor that can be recycled or produced in a sustainable way without harming animals. There are also products such as VOC-free paint that can be used for the salon interior to further make the salon a safe place for customers.

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