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Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom Experience with Your Partner

Making love to your partner is a fun and great experience. However, if you’ve been together for a very long time already, you might find that sex just feels regular and isn’t that exciting unlike before. When this happens, it’s time to look for ways to bring back the thrill and add some novelty to your bedroom experience. Try out these tips and makes sparks fly in the bedroom.

Go Shopping

First of all, you need to update your sexy wear by shopping for new lingerie. Some couples take this as a simple way to spice up their time in the bedroom. Sexy lingerie adds up in building the tease and excitement before doing it. Aside from the regular lingerie, you could also try out some kinky outfits perfect for role play in the bedroom. Shop only the best such as Teddies lingerie outfits and make your man’s jaw drop as you enter the room.

Have Some Preparation

If you feel that sex just feels regular, you could make the experience feel more special by doing some preparation. Start preparing the bedroom and create a sexy and romantic ambience by lighting some candles and playing some romantic music.

Aside from the room, don’t forget to prepare yourself as well. Shave, put on a sexy scent, wear something sexy – you’ll be amazed at how these preparations can make both of you more excited on your bedroom experience.

Take a Bath Together

Bath time is one of the best times to get sexy with your partner. If both of you are having a busy day, reconnect with each other with a romantic and relaxing bath after a long day. Simply cuddling in the warm bath with your partner actually adds more excitement to the whole thing.

Aside from making you both feel relaxed, it could lead to sexier and warmer things in the bedroom afterwards. You could create a perfect ambience by throwing in a romantic bath bomb and lighting some scented candles around. Don’t forget to dim the lights and put on some romantic music.

Send Sexy Messages

You could actually spice up things in the bedroom even when you’re not home and together yet. If you and your partner are away from each other throughout the day, sending him sexy texts goes a long way in spicing up your bedroom time at night. Sending sexy messages to each other builds up excitement and anticipation on what you’d want to do to each other when you get together.

You could also send some sexy photos in tandem with sexy messages to get him craving for you when you both get home. Men are visual creatures and they really get enticed more easily seeing some sexy photos of you and knowing how much you want to be with him when the day is over.

Trying something new in the bedroom is the key to bring back the excitement that you feel before. Have an open mind and be creative in trying out new things to spice up your bedroom experience.

Donte Sutton
the authorDonte Sutton