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Pets You Can Legally Own in Australia

There are some jokes about Australia that the animals in it will try to scare the life out of you if you choose to live there. Well, it is basically true that some of the most dangerous and exotic animals in the world lives in Australia, but they are actually far urban societies and there are departments that are assigned to keep them away from people.

Some of those dangerous animals are even held as pets by some Australians. And if ever you are wondering, yes there are only a limited type of animals that can be legally owned in Australia, here are some of those.


Of course, the most common pet in the whole world is the dog, such is the same in Australia, though there are certain types of wild dogs that are forbidden to be taken as pets in the country. Dog lovers will find Australia to be very enjoyable since it is one of those countries which put emphasis on the wellbeing of dogs, plus there is an added bonus of having a lot of dog group association in the country.

But Australia is strict with having foreign dogs over, they really impose a clearance and permit for those who wanted to bring their dogs over in the country.


One of the most common exotic animals that is being considered to be legal to be taken as a pet is the turtle. In Australia these are also considered legal provided that you did not catch them in the wild and that they are being sold by legitimate pet stores in the country, though each state has different requirements for such stores.

One of the most common challenges for such pets is the feed, you can actually find turtle food for sale Australia in their local pet stores has different varieties of those turtle feed depending on what your turtle prefers. With the abundance of pet stores, turtle lovers will love having their pets in the country.


If you want the challenge and the thrill of not just taking care of an exotic animal but also taking care of a dangerous one, then you can have a snake as a pet. But of course, this entails much needed permits and legal papers to buy those species legally and also to be able to house them in a secure and safe location, safe from other people, and the others safe from them.

You might need a more spacious enclosure in having a pet as snake, a small aquarium just wouldn’t be enough for this majestic creature. Though Australia has no shortage of its own in terms of wild animals, especially snakes. You still need to get permission to have one as a pet.

Whether you want to have a common house pet or an exotic pet, one thing that you have to consider is the responsibility that goes along with it so you have to be very cautious as to not indulge yourself just because you feel like having a certain pet at the spur of the moment and then lose the interest later on, in having a pet there must be the commitment for the animal’s wellbeing.

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