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How to Choose a Custom Label Manufacturer

It can take some time to select a custom label manufacturer for your product and this is perfectly justified as the quality of the labels has a direct impact on how your brand is perceived by the customer. Choosing the wrong manufacturer can cause sales to drop and you will have to start your marketing efforts all over again.

The label of a product is what gives its first impression to the shopper. There is a lot of information provided by a label whether it is instructions for use, hazard warnings, directions etc. When it comes to food items, customers scrutinise the label to find out its nutrient content. There are so many varieties that you can explore when it comes to labels. There are different cuts, sizes, shapes, inks and materials that are offered by label manufacturers so you have a lot of decisions to make. And it is best to go with a label manufacturer like Jabac that can offer you a variety of options which gives you more creative control over what the label will look like. Consider the capabilities of the manufacturer as well. Not everyone will be able to give you the same services. Some of the capabilities you should look for in a label manufacturer are inline adhesive coating for labels, 14 colour printing, multi-plant capabilities, pre-press department in-house and inline folding. They should also offer complete pharmaceutical inspection.

With the right label manufacturer, you will be able to save a lot of time and money as you can get straight to the point with quality printing. The experience of the manufacturer is important as being in the industry for a long time will have given them a broad knowledge of different materials and inks. This allows them to provide you with recommendations for your own labels considering the conditions that they will be exposed to such as the amount of light and environmental conditions. This allows them to create resilient print labels that can last a long time and look good as new. And with a long duration of being in the field, they will be able to anticipate certain issues that can come up and will be able to respond to issues quickly as well.

It is very important to select a label manufacturer with a responsive customer service. They should keep you informed of the process every step of the way and be available to clarify any queries you have. You can interview several potential companies to get an idea of their level of communication. Have them explain how the entire process will be executed from the design stage to the completion. In addition to quality, you have to consider their speed of service. They should be able to meet your timelines, provided that they are reasonable. Check previous work done by the company to get an idea of the consistency and visual appeal. There has to be excellent contrast between light and dark colours and what you design on the computer should be what you are seeing in real life more or less.

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