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Focus on your health before you have lost it

The modern world has made life so much busy. We work so hard to earn money and live a luxurious life and we tend to forget the health and take care of the health. Health can be actually very important to all of us and health is actual wealth that we have to earn. To have a good health in old age, it is important that we focus on our health in younger ages not only in old ages.

 it’s true that people of old age are more prone to health related disorders but all these are result of not maintaining a good health in the young ages. When we are young we spend most of our time trying to earn money and trying to have fun, the least that we consider is the health. We think that at young ages we will not get health related problems and it won’t be any issue. But health related problems can occur in any age even though it’s more common in old ages. As we get old our body and systems become older and it is very hard for them to work when the system is not maintained in the beginning, means in young ages. Just like rendering a house can make the house durable and maintain it for a long time.

All of us undergo stress due to different reasons in our lives. Stress is not just for adults, sometimes kids undergo stress due to different academic problems and problems with friends and so on. Stress can be major risk factor for many health related disorders. It’s impossible to prevent stress but stress can be managed so that these problems can be avoided. Stress can cause mental health problems and physical health problems as well. Stress can be the risk factor for disorders like diabetes, hypertension, strokes and so on. It can also cause different mental health related problems.

Not only stress we also don’t have enough time to prepare our own food we tend to always order from out or eat from out. Such meals contain additives and different substances like oil which can cause different health related problems. Having meals rich in oil can cause obesity and overweight. Obesity and overweight can be a major risk factor in many health related disorders as mentioned above. It’s important to maintain a healthy BMI to avoid such problems. Junk food has become more accessible and cheaper than having a healthy meal these days.

Even though there are so many such problems it is very important that we understand the harmful effects of such modern lifestyle habits. The formation of cancer can be stimulated by different types of food we eat. Carcinogens are substance which can stimulate the growth of cancer in our body.So it’s important that we know what we eat and what we put into our bodies.

Always think about your health and always think what’s going to happen to your body if you don’t change your lifestyle and don’t maintain a healthy routine. Diet and physical activities can be the most important things to consider when living a healthy lifestyle.

Donte Sutton
the authorDonte Sutton