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Do not forget to protect your eyes

Eyes are important organs in our body. Inability to see is a great problem. We can’t always remain the same, with age everything has to change including health. Once we grow old our eyes can get weaker as well. With all the technological advancement, screen have become so popular among people. People are always using screens, this can be a major problem for people losing the strength of their sight in early ages.

In this article today we will discuss about two things that we can do in our day-to-day life to ensure healthy eyes.

Lets just start from the food. As we all know we have always heard that carrots are something that is good for the eyes. It can be true but rather than carrots green leaf vegetables are move beneficial for the human eyes.  These foods contain large amounts of antioxidants and these substances are essential for healthy eyesight. These substances protect retina from harmful rays.Eggs contain good source of vitamins and proteins essential for function of the eyes. Fruits and vegetables that are red and orange can be beneficial to eyes are they contain vitamin A. It is also said that omega-3 fatty acids contribute to healthy eyes.

 It is obvious that if you miss any nutrients or minerals in your diet your eyesight can get weaker. These days we don’t focus more on the food the nutrients we get we just want to eat something that is delicious.  But it is essential that we actually focus on the type of nutrients and minerals you are supposed to take.

Always wear sunglasses which has UV protection .UV rays not only half of our skin but it is also harmful for eyes. As UV rays can directly penetrate into our cells they can cause different types of diseases in human bodies.When buying sunglasses please focus on the type of lens that is used there.  Because when the lens is dark and it does not filter UV it can be move harmful to eyes.  If you’re a man who always goes out in the sun it’s high time that you buy a good Mens aviators which can help your eyes protect from sunlight.

Getting enough amount of sleep is also something that is very sensual for healthy eyesight. So many of us tend to lose sleep due to so many reasons but all of this can finally results in serious health issues. Only when you sleep your eyes get some rest, only when there is rest there is good circulation around the eyes which can improve the blood circulation in eye for healthy eyes.

Whenever you use a screen please get break end regular intervals. most of us working screens these days so it’s essential that you follow the rule of 20.  You should look away from the screen every 20 minutes  at something which is 20 feet away quiet least 20 seconds.  This rule can also help improve the health of your eyes.

Donte Sutton
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