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Different Ways to Customise a Timber Profile Door

When designing a front door, there is a lot to consider because this is one of the things in your home that gives a first impression to any visitor. And you can bring your own personal style into this design and make a statement that will set the theme to the interior design and the overall home aesthetic.

The durability of the door

Is very important and this can differ when it comes to different timber species. You can read about it on profile doors and learn how this has an effect on the texture, colour and grain pattern. There are some commonly used timber types for doors such as teak, mahogany, oak and cherry. You can discuss the pros and cons of these types with the manufacturer of the door to get a better idea. You should also consider the overall style of the home as well when making this decision. There are also many door styles that you can choose from. There are doors that align with contemporary style and traditional style. Also, you can choose whether to incorporate glass into the door or not to get more natural light into the home. There are beautiful glass patterns and textures that you can experiment with. There are also panel doors that come with flat or raised panels. Consider the architectural design of the home and your interior décor style when choosing the aesthetics of the door.

As mentioned above,

A great way to customise your timber profile door is by using decorative glass inserts. In addition to different patterns, you can also use stained glass designs that allow you to incorporate different colours as well. You can choose a texture or stained glass designs to increase privacy while still letting light inside. The hardware you choose for the door also has a big impact on the overall aesthetics of the door. These include hinges, knobs, handles and locks. You can choose different materials for this such as brass, stainless steel or bronze. There is decorative hardware that can suit a more traditional design and sleep options for a modern look. Consider the finish of the hardware as well because this has to align with the other design considerations.

Then there is the finish and stain of the timber profile door which will be visible from afar.

You can choose a clear finish if you want the natural grain of the timber to be seen. There are also coloured stains you can use to alter the natural colour of the timber to a colour tone that suits your colour scheme more. For example, the stain you choose can match the colours you have on the exterior of the house. But make sure to consider the maintenance required for different finishes. You can also have carvings and engravings on the door. These designs can be incredibly intricate and you can coordinate with the manufacturer about what the end result is going to be. You can also include something personal such as a family crest.

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