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Benefits of Ticketless Parking

There have been many advancements in the field of parking technology over the previous years and one such innovation is ticketless gateless parking where you don’t need to deal with paper tickets or even physical barriers. This technology benefits both the users and the parking operators as it improves the efficiency of the system.

When there is ticketless parking,

You don’t need to worry about searching for the parking ticket that you’ve been handed by the operator. There are times when people can lose these tickets which can result in a fine on top of the parking charge. But this will no longer be a worry as you can simply park without a ticket because the parking management system uses license plate recognition technology. This can also save a lot of time as you don’t need to wait at the physical barrier at the entrance and exit. As you don’t have to deal with a physical ticket, there is less stress and it is a great way to improve customer satisfaction in the process. You can have a streamlined process for parking with the ticketless method. The systems used for automated license plate recognition can capture vehicle information and store it with high accuracy. This allows the user to come into the parking lot and exit it quickly for a more efficient process.

Because of the improved efficiency of the process,

You can reduce traffic congestion at the entrance and exit to the parking lot. This greatly increases user experience and it is also an added incentive for the users to visit the premises again For example, when this is used in shopping malls, people tend to develop a preference for the mall because of the sheer convenience of accessing the place. The overall flow of vehicles within the parking lot will also be improved so that there is less disruption to the users’ schedule. You can also improve the security of the parking facilities with this kind of technology because the license plate recognition systems keep a record of vehicles coming into the area. And if any criminal activity were to take place, the stored information can be used as evidence. This will be a great help for law enforcement agencies as well.

The parking facility

Can also enjoy improved revenue management because parking pricing can be optimised based on the information collected. The operators can monitor the parking facility in real-time and the software used comes with reporting capabilities. The information can be analysed to gain insight into the peak hours of the facility, occupancy rates, and revenue streams. This will allow the operators to allocate resources in a more efficient way. This is also an environmentally friendly method as there is no need to use paper tickets. Also, not having barriers can reduce energy consumption of the facility as well. When the flow of vehicles in the parking facility is not optimised, it can lead to vehicles wandering around trying to find a parking spot and queuing up near entrances and exits. All of this leads to increased carbon emissions which can be reduced with optimisation of parking facilities due to ticketless technology.

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