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What to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a good investment for any home or commercial property but you need to consider the need for maintenance. There are certain maintenance that you can do on your own and the solar company will come to do some regular servicing as well.

There is little regular maintenance that is required but you need to make sure the panels are kept clean. This will include cleaning any dirt or fallen debris to make sure that nothing is blocking sunlight from falling on the panel. If you are in a country that experiences seasons, then you will need to do extensive cleaning when there is heavy rainfall. When the panel is obstructed by debris the energy output reduces. If you haven’t still purchased solar panels, you can search for best solar panel deals in Sydney to see whether you can save a bit of money on the initial investment. But always check the specifications of the solar panels, inverter and any other components that are included. This way, you can be assured of the durability and the quality of the product. Considering price alone will not be sufficient for assessing the quality of solar panels.

Most of the time, solar installers will mount the panels at an angle to better capture solar energy. When the panels are tilted, the leaves and debris settled on the panel will be automatically washed away by the rain. But you need to be vigilant on dry days because you will manually have to remove the debris. Also, there is a chance of mould growing on top of the panel and obstructing sunlight. You can simply spray the panel with water to clean the panels. For cleaning snow, you can use lukewarm water. Using hot water can damage the panels and there may be cracking that can result. There are different methods of mounting panels. Some mount them onto the roof while others mount the panels onto a structure that is on the ground. When comparing the benefits of the two, the ground panels are easier to access and therefore easier to clean. Climbing onto the roof can be a hassle and sometime it may not be safe. But the ground mounting option is only available to you if you have sufficient open space.

You need to clarify the warranty that you are getting from the solar company. The efficiency of solar panels will gradually decrease and it will require professional maintenance [periodically. You need to select a reliable supplier that will be able to provide a good warranty. Generally, the warranty provided will be about 15 or 25 years. Having a good warranty such as this gives you a guarantee that the solar panels will perform well for at least that amount of time. But make sure what components are included in the warranty. If you live in areas that have extreme weather, possible damage can be a concern. You have to ask the company if they cover damages by weather conditions and how well the solar panels can hold up under hail, wind, rain, snow etc.

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