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What to Know About Air Release Valves

Pressurised piping systems require the use of automatic air release valves. A common occurrence when air is accumulated in a pipeline is that it will rise and collect at higher points in the system. This can be detrimental to the effectiveness of the piping as it can cause pump failures, corrosion, issues with the water flow, water pressure surges, errors in the readings of instruments etc. When there is excess air in the pipeline, there will be additional strain on the pump to work harder which will increase energy use.

This is an occurrence that is due to improper de-aeration of the pipeline. The air in a pipeline can occur due to different reasons. Before the pipeline is filled with water, the air inside has to be evacuated. There is also a small volume of air in water. And different fluids can have air pockets that can separate from the fluid when it flows through the systems. And this separated air can accumulate at high points in the piping system. There are also equipment such as pumps and valves that will draw air into the system. Line restriction occurs when air accumulates at high points of the systems and this will increase pumping cycles. Pressure surges can damage valves, pipes and pumps. Replacement and repair can be very costly. Air release valves are used to remove the air out of the system continuously. These heavy duty valves Sydney will increase the efficiency of the system and ensure smooth operation.       

These automatic air release valves are fitted to the highest points of the pipeline as this is where air accumulates. The air bubbles that are collected here will enter the valve displacing the liquid inside it. This will result in the drop of fluid level in the valve. When the level of the fluid drops so that it no longer buoys the float, the float will drop triggering the opening of the valve. This will result in the releasing air to the outside. Once the air escapes, the fluid will enter the valve again which will buoy the float. This process will occur continuously. These air release valves are used in so many applications such as sewer mains and water pipelines. They can be used in any closed loop piping system that will trap air.

The openings in air release valves are quite small so they can only be used to deal with smaller volumes of air. The efficiency of a pipeline system can be increased with the use of an air release valve and they can vent a considerable volume of air quickly. When the pipeline is emptying, the valve will let air back into the pipe to prevent collapsing of the pipe because of negative pressure. Once you install an air release valve, it will operate all the time and this will occur automatically. But you need to make sure that the valve is sized according to the application. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the valve to keep up with the air flow demands of the pipeline.

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