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Value-Added Services Offered by Panel Beaters

There is an important role for panel beaters in the automotive industry. They focus on repair and restoration of vehicles that have been in collisions or accidents. The primary function is restoring vehicles to their condition before the accident. But there are many other value added services provided by panel beating services and we will look into these in the article below.

In addition to repair services offered by a panel beater Hornsby, they will actually provide towing and recovery services as well so that the damaged vehicle can be safely transported to their repair shop. The repair process is streamlined by these towing services so that the customers can deal with one company only instead of having to coordinate with separate towing companies. The vehicles will be delivered promptly to the repair facility to be assessed and repaired.      A complicated procedure that is associated with a vehicle collision is dealing with insurance claims. This can take a lot of time and many vehicle owners are not aware of the correct processes or how they can get the maximum benefit from insurance. But this burden can be alleviated by panel beaters as they offer insurance claims assistance. They have experienced staff members in their facilities so that customers can be assisted to navigate the process of insurance claims. This can save you a lot of time and effort. You will also be able to receive fair compensation for the repair expenses.

When your vehicle is undergoing repairs,

You will need to find alternative transportation to go to work, personal emergencies etc. But as panel beaters generally partner with rental car companies, they are able to provide customers access to temporary replacement vehicles. This will be a great relief for the customers during the repair process. Your daily routine will not be disrupted and you will be able to continue your daily activities while the vehicle is being repaired. Minor dents from vehicle panels can be repaired without repainting using a technique called paintless dent repair or PDR. This is a value added service offered by panel beaters. It is a cost effective solution to repair minor cosmetic damage. This is a good solution for door dings, hail damage and minor creases. You can achieve a smooth finish without having to pay the high cost of traditional dent repair methods.

Detailing services will also be offered by panel beaters

In addition to repairing the damaged panels. This will help improve the overall appearance of the vehicle. Some of the services included in professional detailing are interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, waxing and treatments for paint protection. Customers are able to maintain the value and appearance of their vehicles as a result of this. Panel beaters also specialise in customisations and restorations if you want to personalise your vehicle. You can go for a performance upgrade or interior refurbishment. You can transform your vehicle into a unique work of art this way. Many services also offer lifetime warranties and guarantees on the repairs.

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