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Managing Pre-existing Medical Conditions While Traveling Abroad

Travelling abroad is a great way to enrich your mind and it can expose you to different landscapes, cuisines and cultures. But if you have pre-exiting medical conditions, you need to plan international travel very carefully.

It is important

To look into comprehensive travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. For example, you can obtain a seniors travel insurance cruise if you have a pre-existing medical condition. But you need to check whether the insurance policy covers emergency medical evacuation, medical expenses, trip cancellations and interruptions to the trip. This will provide you with financial protection if you were to have a medical emergency related to a pre-existing condition and you can travel without having to worry about navigating the healthcare system in a country you are not familiar with. You also need to schedule a visit with your healthcare provider before you go on the journey to check whether your pre-existing medical condition is properly managed. You will need to obtain medical supplies, prescriptions or medications for the duration of the trip. You can also ask your healthcare provider whether there are any potential risks that are specific to the destination you are travelling to. It is good to communicate your travel plans with your healthcare provider and get any medical documents that are relevant to carry with you on the trip.

You have to start researching the healthcare resources

That are available at the travel destination. Some examples are clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. You have to become familiar with emergency contact numbers, local medical practices and their procedures for accessing medical care in an emergency. It is a good idea to have a medical alert bracelet or card with your pre-existing medical condition along with any medications or allergies you have so that you can communicate clearly with the healthcare providers abroad. It is very important that you manage the pre-existing medical conditions as much as possible when you are travelling abroad as you are not in a familiar environment. This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced meals, staying hydrated and getting sufficient rest. You should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol or engaging in risky activities that can exacerbate the condition. When you are engaged in a physical activity or if you are sightseeing, you need to pace yourself and listen to your body so that you don’t overexert yourself.

When packing, you need to have a well-stocked travel health kit with you

This should include medical supplies, essential medications, first-aid items etc. to manage your pre-existing medical condition during the trip. There should also be bandages, a thermometer, over-the-counter remedies for common issues, prescription medications, disinfectant wipes etc. You can also ask your healthcare provider to recommend essential items to keep with you when you are travelling. This health kit can be kept easily accessible in your daypack or carry-on luggage. You have to stay updated and informed when it comes to health regulations, travel restrictions etc. that are applicable to your destination. There may be quarantine protocols, vaccination requirements etc. that the local authorities will require. Make sure to check travel advisories and alerts that are issued by reputed sources such as WHO and CDC before making travel plans abroad.

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