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Importance of Value Based Education for Children

We are living in an ever-changing world and it is important that children learn something more than academic excellence in school. Their learning environment has a big impact on their character and personality. And choosing a school that focuses on value based education can help instil core values in your child so that they develop a moral compass from a young age.

You can find many single sex or co-ed private schools Brisbane that prioritise on value based education. What this does is that it creates a foundation for the character development in children. Children will learn about ethics and values from a young age which is a great way of learning to act responsibly. Some of the values they will learn in school are empathy, compassion, kindness, respect and integrity which will stick them for a long time making them exemplary adults. These values will stay with the children and help them grow as individuals. It is important that children are shown how to be kind from a young age. And a value based education can shape their beliefs and attitudes in such a way that they are able to sustain these values throughout their lives.        


Technology can connect people as well as isolate them and many children grow up without the essential social and emotional skills needed to exist in harmony with others. But when they are exposed to a value based education, they are able to develop these emotional and social skills. There are many opportunities for this such as team projects and collaboration which will teach them how to work as a team as well as how to lead a team. Something they will learn in these team sessions is how to communicate with each other effectively. Working together as a group exposes them to different perspectives and it gives them the opportunity to look at something in a different way. This allows them to become more open-minded and appreciate different viewpoints. And this will create a more empathetic society that is more inclusive of everyone. 

Being exposed to ethics will give children an idea of what responsible behaviour is.

Children will soon learn to be accountable for their actions. And they will learn from a young age that there are consequences to each action. And this will teach them to think about their choices before they act them out.Holistic development is promoted through value based education as children are encouraged to self-reflect. They will develop a deeper awareness of themselves which is a great way of understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They will also understand the values they stand by and how these values inform their actions. There will be many activities and discussions at school that help children develop critical thinking skills. Children will be encouraged to ask questions about ethics and how they can create their own set of principles to live by. And such an education can help them excel in the academic arena as well because they will already be used to nurture good habits and maintain a strong work ethic.

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