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How to Select a Refrigerated Truck

A refrigerated truck is called by many names such as reefer trucks and reefer trailers. They are valuable to certain suppliers and manufacturers because certain items need to be kept at a specific temperature to ensure the quality of the product.

Refrigerated vehicles allow temperature sensitive products to be kept in quality condition for a long time. They cover long distances and will keep the items cold for the entirety of the trip. Refrigerated trucks run on a closed system where the heat from the enclosed space is removed to ensure a constant temperature can be maintained. There are many companies that put up refrigerated trucks for sale so you need to consider their credibility before considering the purchase. There are also safety considerations that you need to think about when it comes to selection to ensure you find a refrigerated truck that will not affect the quality of the products that are being transported. To do this, you need to understand the nature of the products that you are transporting and the temperature range require. You also need to consider how many drops will have to be made in one trip.         

The main consideration when it comes to the selection of a refrigerated truck is the temperature range that is right for the products that you are transporting. Not every truck will have the same refrigeration capabilities and when there is even a small change in temperature during the transport, the shelf life and the quality of the product can be affected. You need to make sure that the quality of the product doesn’t suffer so that your customers are provided with a high quality product. This is what helps you retain customers over time. You also need to keep a certain humidity range depending on what you are transporting. The conditions you are looking for should be easily maintained throughout the journey.

Some items are very sensitive to temperature and a change in temperature can alter the chemical makeup of the product rendering them ineffective. A good example of this is pharmaceutical products. If you are transporting these, you need to check how well the truck can maintain a specific temperature range. There are also dual compartment trucks that provide a good solution to maintain the quality of products when there is a shortage of power. Perishable goods such as foods and drinks can be contaminated during the journey so you need to ensure that hygiene is a priority for the refrigerated truck service that you are considering. Check how easy it is to clean and disinfect the truck and whether there is enough provision given for draining.

There are certain standards set when it comes to transporting food items. And one rule is keeping fruits and vegetables separate from raw meat to avoid bacterial contamination. You need to check whether the refrigerated truck allows you to store products in separate compartments that are well sealed. The number of products that you transport is also important as you need to figure out the storage capacity you require. For smaller jobs, a refrigerated van will be sufficient.

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