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How to Maintain Healthy Feet

Health is the new watchword of the 21st century, everyone is going green, everyone’s a vegetarian, drinking smoothies, and working out, however, though we often hit the gym and push weights and run on the treadmill for endless miles, there is one part of our bodies which is vital for our overall health that often goes completely unacknowledged. I’m talking about the feet. That complex system of muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments give you the independence to move around in the world.

The feet often walk about 5000 steps every day, you may not realize you’re doing it, but on average you do walk quite a bit, and this is absolutely key for weight loss, but walking a lot, cramming them into shoes, abusing them by carrying heavy loads, these can cause problems that can only be solved by a specialist called a podiatrist. If you want a podiatrist, go ahead and check out and find a podiatrist near me. They are staunch professionals and will take care of your feet like their lives depended on it.

So, what are some of the things that your feet need in order to be taken care of? Similar to brushing your teeth, your feet need daily attention to make sure that they are always in good functioning order. Some of the things that you should do daily are to check them daily and inspect them every day to identify any sores, cuts, bruises, or jagged toenails. You then want to clean them thoroughly every day with warm water and moisturize them frequently (but you shouldn’t put the moisturizer in between the toes because that might lead to infection). You should avoid very tight shoes and ensure that the shoes you do wear don’t really hurt your feet. You should also avoid wearing flats and flip-flops because they don’t have enough supporting foam. And once in a while, you need to file your toenails and keep them neat.

Some of the ailments that might plague your feet are corns and bunions. These ailments are nothing more than hard buildups of skin formed by your body to protect itself from excessive friction or loads. They don’t really need treatment per se, however, unless you rectify the problem, they are just going to keep getting worse. If you want to get rid of the corns and bunions, then you should rub them away with a pumice stone in the shower. You also need to apply salicylic acid to help dissolve them. Another method to prevent corns and bunions is by wearing foot orthotics. The best way to prevent them from forming on your feet is to avoid wearing very tight-fitting shoes. You can also avoid the use of high heels in your daily life, and you can use gel pads to cushion your feet. As you can see there are a wide variety of things that you can do to cut down on the ailments that plague your feet. Simply investing a few minutes of your time every day into your feet can pay dividends in the long run.

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