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How to Choose Motorcycle Spark Plugs?

There are motorcycle parts suppliers online that you can find will have a large variety of parts in their inventory. This will make it very easy to find what you are looking for and you can have them as your go-to when it comes to genuine parts. In this article, we are focusing on spark plugs and how you can choose the right one for the make and model of your motorcycle.

Before you start shopping for bike spark plugs, you should know the recommended type, eat range and size that you need to purchase as per the make and model of your motorcycle. This will be given in your owner’s manual. It is only when you follow the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer that you can ensure the compatibility of the spark plugs. And this will also ensure the optimal performance of the component. Sometimes the manual might specify a brand or any modifications you can make to the part as well. Consider the type of spark plug you need for your motorcycle. There are general two types which are resistor and non-resistor spark plugs. This has to be chosen by considering the ignition system of your motorcycle as well.

Resistor spark plugs are designed

In such a way that they reduce electromagnetic interference whereas non-resistor spark plugs can generate a lot of electromagnetic noise even though they are able to deliver a stronger spark. The benefit of resistor spark plugs is that they will not interfere with radio frequencies and other electronic components because of their design. Another factor you need to consider is the heat range of the spark plug for the motorcycle. This is the ability of the spark plug to dissipate heat from the combustion chamber. You need to consider the heat range specified for your motorcycle engine and select a spark plug that corresponds with this. The materials that make up the spark plug along with the insulator nose length determine the heat range.

If your engine has a lower compression ratio

A cold spark plug will be more effective as it will dissipate more heat. But if you have an engine with a higher compression ratio where it runs at high temperatures, you will need to have a hot spark plug which will dissipate less heat. You can also ask a reliable mechanic about what is most compatible for your engine. You should also consider whether you have done any performance upgrades to the motorcycle specifically modifications to the engine or tuning enhancements. This might require specialised spark plugs.

This is because you will need spark plus with a different heat range when you have a high performance engine. Make sure to consult with a mechanic to get a deeper understanding of the specification required. There are also reputed brands that are known for the quality of their spark plugs so make sure to compare prices in different brands. The benefit of choosing a reputed brand is that they have extensive research and development behind the design and construction of their spark plugs which can ensure optimal performance for your motorcycle.

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