Get Ready to Wiggle with the Official Wiggles Party Supplies: Everything for the Best Celebration

If you have children, then it’s likely that this catchy tune has played in your house more times than you can count. The Wiggles, a popular Australian children’s music band has won over the hearts of both kids and parents with their catchy tunes and lively shows. It is not surprising that The Wiggles are now an international phenomenon with their vibrant array of characters and wholesome messages.

Just imagine that you can make a great party with The Wiggles right at your place on the occasion of some important event, such as birthday! If you are looking for ideas on how to host the best Wiggles’ party from decorations, activities and everything else this is your one stop shop. Prepare for a day of singing, dancing and laughter all around as we plunge into the realm of licensed Wiggles party products. Let’s get this party started!

The Essential Wiggles Party Kit

If your child is a fan of The Wiggles, you would understand the value of having right party supplies for your special one’s big day. From the plates and cups to décor and favors, we have all you need to make their festivities enchanting!

First things first – the tableware. The set of plates, cups and napkins with Wiggles theme will make any table look quite ordinary in a colorful place. Whether they have taken a liking to Emma or Anthony, your child will be thrilled when they see their beloved character looking back at them while eating the party snacks.

However, it is not only about the things that go on top of the table we have lots more party essentials as well! Your child’s big day will be more exciting with a personalized birthday banner of The Wiggles. And don’t forget about balloons! The diverse range of our Wiggles balloons colours will create a fun and happy feeling as they float above the ground.

To further enhance the magic, you may choose to put some  wiggles party decorations around your party venue. Decorate the area using streamers in red, blue, yellow and purple colours which are associated with The Wiggles. Use chair covers made of brightly colored fabric to make even ordinary chairs look like they could be used by royalty only members.

So, having prepared the perfect scene for a wiggly celebration let’s discuss some activities! For the young ones, they can be engaged with activities such as Pin-the-Bow-on-Emma or Musical Chairs performed to familiar Wiggles melodies – fun is guaranteed regardless of your age!

Lastly, no party is ever successful without some sweets for the road. You could also send children home with goodie bags filled with stickers or small toys that have their favorite The Wiggles characters on them.

So, grab these essential Wiggles party supplies for a celebration the guests will never forget and that everyone at your place is going to wiggle with joy!

Decorations for a Wiggles Party

In relation to organizing a party on Wiggles theme, it can be said that decorations are perhaps one of the most important factors responsible for creating an ambience which is not only captivating but also magical. There are numerous options, right from the bright and colorful themes to enjoyable props that one can choose in order to create Wiggle Town at his or her party venue.

Begin by using the well-known colours of The Wiggles, which are red, yellow blue and purple in your decorations. Use colorful banners or balloons in these colors and put them up around the room to create an atmosphere of celebration immediately.

For some added excitement, you can use themed tablecloths and plates with pictures of Emma, Lachy Simon, Anthony. Such simple additions can do much in pulling together the theme of everything.

Don’t forget about centerpieces! These adorable additions are sure to make the little ones happy, whether you choose mini Wiggles figurines or DIY crafts with their favorite characters – Dorothy the Dinosaur or Captain Feathersword.

As for wall décor, posters of the individual members who make up The Wiggles’ band are a great option. You can even make the photo backgrounds customized so that children could have their pictures taken as if they were part of The Wiggles!

Do not forget about smaller details such as cups and napkins with a theme or even custom party hats for each child attending. Don’t forget that small things mean a lot, and they will help to make this celebration unforgettable!

Entertaining activities and games for the kids

As we have witnessed, organizing a Wiggles party is bound to bring together an incredible celebration that your children will cherish forever. The mandatory Wiggles party supplies, colourful decorations and exciting activities means you can ensure a laughter-filled day.

The list of things to do for the kids in a Wiggles party is just endless. One can allocate a dancing floor for them to exhibit their best wiggly while others play ‘Pin the Tail on Dorothy’ game for more fun. Another winner will be a craft station where children can create their personal finger puppets of the favorite Wiggle character.

To make the day more thrilling, you can also have a show from your own Wiggles tribute band. Get the children to participate, singing and dancing along with Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony themselves! Do not also fail to remember the traditional games such as musical chairs or limbo to infuse a bit of Wiggle-inspired songs.

Always keep in mind that safety is the most important rule when engaging in any activity or game. Ensure that there are responsible adults to supervise and take care of everyone.

So, keeping all these thoughts in mind you are ready to have a memorable celebration which is Wiggles like. Wear your dancing shoes and prepare to wiggle because it’s time for an amazing adventure!

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