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Different Types of Children’s Books

There are so many types of children’s books and you can expose your child to many of these varieties so that they can learn which ones they like best. Also, these types will vary when it comes to the age and level of reading comprehension of the child. There is more emphasis on colours, textures etc. which increase the interactiveness of the book when it comes to younger ages.

Board books have thick pages and are designed for younger children.

These have bright colours and the illustrations tend to be quite simple so that babies and toddlers can easily comprehend them. And these are quite durable even if they are exposed to rough handling. Then there are picture books that will have illustrations on every page and these will tell a story just like the words on the page will do. Children who are not able to read words will be able to follow the story regardless and this will be great for children that are still developing their language skills. And when you read the story aloud to them, the pictures will help the child imagine parts of the story which can help improve their creativity. There are also bath books for young children that are made of waterproof materials and can be used as a toy as well as reading material. You can read to them when they are in the bath without any worry about damaging it. There are also books made out of cloth and other materials to create a bit of interest especially when it comes to younger children.

But when children are able to read independently, they can read chapter books.

The story will be divided into chapters and the storyline will generally be more complex. There are so many genres that are available when it comes to this. But there are also books where you can get factual information on so many things and this is broadly categorised as non-fiction books. Within this category, you will find books on history, nature, science, animals, vehicles etc. And they will have illustrations or photographs to provide more comprehension on the subjects. There are also graphic novels that are similar to books with pictures but these are for older children or young adults. There will be a combination of pictures and words and it can be a good way to introduce reading to those reluctant to it.

You can also find poetry books that have rhymes which can teach your child about creative writing.

And it can be a beautiful way of reading about a certain perspective or emotion. And if you have young children whose attention seems to wander quite often, there are interactive books that have pop-ups and pull tabs that allow the child to interact with the book in a physical way. This will also keep their mind on the story effectively. It is very important to choose books that are appropriate for your child’s age and present ideas of diversity so that they are exposed to different perspectives. Look for books that help your child see themselves in the story as representation is also important.

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