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Cost Considerations for Building a Pool in Your Backyard

If you are thinking of building a pool in your backyard, there are certain things to consider. There is a lot of planning that is involved. The cost will of course be a major consideration when it comes to this decision so you will need to discuss with the pool contractor what you expect to build and what you can build with the budget you have in mind.

A swimming pool is a big investment so you need to select the right contractor to get the job done. Freestyle pools Sydney can advise you on what size pool is possible with the space you have and the budget that you are willing to keep for the project. So the first thing you need to do is figure out the cost that you can afford for the pool. With a realistic budget, the pool contractor will be able to help you achieve the aesthetics and function that you are looking for. The budget will decide the features that will be installed in the pool, the materials used and the size of the pool. But it is best to have the pool contractor visit the site so they can recommend you where to locate it. Sometimes your backyard may not be suited to a pool especially if it is shaped unusually or if you have a steep slope. These types of conditions can make the construction of the pool quite costly.

The cost of the pool will depend on the type, size and design of the pool. You will need to select between above ground and in-ground pools. The latter is more expensive as there is more work to be done for the construction of the pool. And you can also install above ground pools that will not need a filtration system which can be further cost saving. But the cost will go up when items like pool decking and other accessories are added. In-ground pools generally tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than above ground pools but there are more factors that will add to the cost such as landscaping, lighting, building materials, decking etc. And you need to consider the cost of the pool that occurs after construction as well such as maintenance. You will need to purchase chemicals for the pool and the cost will depend on the frequency of use and pool size. And there is also a cost involved in opening and closing a pool.

When it comes to maintenance, the interior finish is what you will have to focus on more as this will be what decides the majority of the cost. Plaster finishes can last about a decade or more while you can choose new cement coated products that will last for a very long time. But finishes like vinyl liners will not last more than a decade. Maintaining a pool will add to your utility bill because of lighting, equipment such as pumps etc. And there is also equipment that you will need to replace when required.

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