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5 Tips to Start Drinking More Water

Don’t we all struggle to keep up with our daily water intake? At times, you are just too busy, and at other times, you just don’t care enough. Nevertheless, with current lifestyles we lead, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated should help stay safe and healthy in many ways. Here’s what you can do to make sure you drink more water every day. 

Flavour Up

Adding flavours to water is one great way to make you want to have more. Flavoured water can be so refreshing that people tend to drink more, in larger quantities every time. There are plenty of ways to flavour your water – add sliced fruit or veggies, or herbs to plain water.

Raspberries, cucumber, and mint are supposedly the coolest options. Also, both adults and kids tend to like cold water better, and drink more when it’s cold. Consider having a water cooler dispenser installed at home. Look for those who supply water cooler dispensers in Chiltern and reach out to with your requirements.

Make Routines 

Developing and including habits in your routines is the best way to keep up with good practices. When it comes to drinking water, you would want to make it a habit to drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning as well as about an hour before a meal.

A glass of water before bed should be ideal, too. As you practice this on a daily basis as part of your routine, the habit becomes permanent, and you know you have a healthy intake of water everyday. Let your kids practice the same. After all, they learn best when they watch the actions of others. Therefore, set an example and everyone in the house would be on the same track.

Get Yourself a Water Bottle

Take your time to find a water bottle that you find attractive and appealing. Fill it up and keep it with you all the time – at home, at work, or while you commute. Just carry it around everywhere you go, this will increase the tendency for you to drink up. It is like a natural thing that happens to anyone of any age – when you’ve got something closer to you, you simply tend to use it!

Set Reminders

If you are sitting amidst the kind of life that isn’t allowing you to develop or maintain habits like drinking water frequently, you simple could consider setting reminders. This actually is a good idea for those who have a tendency to forget.

At work, set up an alarm that is loud enough to get you out of your seat and reach out for a glass of water instantly. Your tendency to simply forget may be high while you are at work, despite having a large bottle of water right before you. Thus, alarms and reminders might do the trick. 

Do Not Sip!

You don’t sip on water unless you are ill or nauseated. Otherwise, you simply gulp it down! This way you are sure to drink more, which is ideal. 

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