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Choosing Taps for Your Bathroom

The finishes of a bathroom are very important for a successful renovation. It is always a good idea to check for inspiration on sites like Pinterest for the designs that you can achieve with different finishes. Taps are one of the main types of fittings that will be present in the bathroom so you need to consider several things before you purchase them.

You can visit several bathware and fittings suppliers to get an idea of what is available in the market. There are also online catalogues that you can check such as Allure bathrooms brushed tapware to narrow down your preferences. When it comes to bathroom taps, there are 3 categories that are applicable such as bath taps, bidet taps and basin taps. The style of the tap you choose will depend on the style you have for the bathroom and the theme for the overall house. These 3 categories are based on function. You also need to make sure that the size of the tap connecter is correct when it comes to the selected tap. You can work with an interior designer when choosing styles for tapware. In addition to the style and finish of the tap, you also need to consider whether there is sufficient space to install it.

Check the water pressure of the home before you install the tap. You can ask the supplier of the tap or check the specification in the online catalogue to get an idea of the minimum requirement of the tap for water pressure. You can then determine whether it is the right fit for your home. Check for the basin waste and the bath waste as well. You need to make sure that the right waste fitting is used so that water drains properly. If you are replacing the tap for the basin only, you need to check the existing tap hole of the basin to see which style and specification of tap are required. Traditional models will have two tap holes for hot and cold water. But modern basins come with only one tap hole for a mixer tap. With a mixer tap, you can easily adjust the temperature of water to what is comfortable for you.

It doesn’t matter what style of bathroom you have, you will be able to find a tap that fits its style. There are so many suppliers and online sellers that you can find. But make sure that you check their reputation and check reviews to see whether there are any issues with the brand. You also need to ask about the materials that the tap is made out of; especially the interior of the tap mechanism. Check whether the tap comes with a ceramic disk technology where the feed pipe and the rubber washer of the tap are replaced by two ceramic discs. These taps have higher efficiency and more importantly, they can withstand more wear and tear than a traditional tap. So you will not need to worry about costly replacements later on.

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